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        ·Horizontal spiral mi
        ·Reverse osmosis wate
        ·Large vacuum emulsif
        ·Small heating shear
        ·Large heating shear
        ·Type A heating shear
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        ·Type B tube type emu
        ·Type C heating shear
        ·Type C tube type emu
        ·Small family tube ty
        ·Filling Production L
        ·Semi-automatic singl
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      Small heating shear vacuum emulsification equipment

      Main featrues

      Providing the function of a full set of emulsitication equipment, eliminting pre-formulation of water and oil phases, saving casts. Having three-level water treatment, which makes the water condition up to the standard of international industrial production water. Products include all kinds of liquid detergents and some kinds of creamy washing products.


      Technical description

      Power supply: 380V

      Agitation motor: 2.2kw

      Emulsification motor: 5.5kw

      Water motor: 0.37kw

      Vacuum pump power: 2.2 kw

      Heating power: 24kw



      External dimensisions: 1.8×1.25×2.6(m)

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