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      Type C tube type emulsification equipment

      Main features

      The material is 304 stainless steel. Width of the sheets is 1.2mm. Having the functions that homogenizing, emulsification and three-level water treatment. High production efficiency of tube type emulsification. 50 kilogram products can be made in 20 minutes. And the quality is stable. It’s the first choice for small production of shampoo, washing detergent and disinfectant fluid.


      Operating principle

      Can use running water directly. Pouring the materials into three-level emulsification pump, they are high sheared and emulsified 3 times to make the quality of products stable.


      Technical discription

      Water motor: 0.37kw

      Emulsification motor: 0.55kw

      Weight: 100kg

      Volume: 50L

      Power: 220V


      External dimensions: 1.08×0.88×1.02(m)

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