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      Products List
        ·Horizontal spiral mi
        ·Reverse osmosis wate
        ·Large vacuum emulsif
        ·Small heating shear
        ·Large heating shear
        ·Type A heating shear
        ·Type B heating shear
        ·Type B tube type emu
        ·Type C heating shear
        ·Type C tube type emu
        ·Small family tube ty
        ·Filling Production L
        ·Semi-automatic singl
        ·Semi-head bottle fil
        ·Semi-automatic greas
        ·Bag filling machine
        ·Print date machine
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      Filling Production Line

      Operating principle

      Composed of filling device, cap closing device, cap lock device, transfer device. Advantages include beautiful appearance, high filling precision, handy regulate,easy operation, correctly filling and cap closing. Both cap closing and cap lock are automatic. It can reduce the probability of crooked rap, ensure that cap-closing is qualified. The line are made of stainless steel sheets. The equipments conform to the GMP standard, fit for both cold and thermal filling. The line can be used in filling and cap closing. It can fill paste and high viscosity liquid such as edible oil, sauce, juice, syrup, dairy products, shampoo, detergent, lubricating oil and so on.


      Technical discription

      Filling Range

      Production capacity

      Filling speed

      Filling precision

      Air Pressure



      1800~1400 bottles per hour






      1600~1200 bottles per hour

      Free technique training to reduce investment risks
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