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                    Products List
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                      ·Reverse osmosis wate
                      ·Large vacuum emulsif
                      ·Small heating shear
                      ·Large heating shear
                      ·Type A heating shear
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                      ·Type B tube type emu
                      ·Type C heating shear
                      ·Type C tube type emu
                      ·Small family tube ty
                      ·Filling Production L
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                      ·Semi-automatic greas
                      ·Bag filling machine
                      ·Print date machine
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                    Bag filling machine

                    Product Explanation

                    1. Controled by stepper motor, so that the system has higher precision. Change bags length exactly without changing other components.

                    2. No limite adjust speed and bags length: package speed and the bags length can adjust in a rated rangel, without replacement parts.

                    3. Use advanced electro-optical tracking system to package, so that can get a complete trademark logo even on the colored target packaging materials.

                    4. Use 316L stainless steel for the part touch the products to improve Anti-corrosion strength, to ensure that the package is clean and pollution-free.

                    5. Overall conditioning rotary cutter can realize line cutting,pattern cutting or cutting-in-one-line with bags by changing the cutting tool.

                    6. Providing the function of perfect self-diagnosis and automantic shut down and give tips when fault.

                    7. Three ways to control that can be chosen according to customer needs. PLC, LCD and LED.


                    Technical discription

                    Measuring range:1~50(ml)

                    Bag size: Length:20~120(mm)                 Width:30~85(mm)

                    Package speed:40~60 bags per minute

                    Seal type: 3 or 4 sealing surfaces

                    Weight: 260kg

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