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      Products List
        ·Horizontal spiral mi
        ·Reverse osmosis wate
        ·Large vacuum emulsif
        ·Small heating shear
        ·Large heating shear
        ·Type A heating shear
        ·Type B heating shear
        ·Type B tube type emu
        ·Type C heating shear
        ·Type C tube type emu
        ·Small family tube ty
        ·Filling Production L
        ·Semi-automatic singl
        ·Semi-head bottle fil
        ·Semi-automatic greas
        ·Bag filling machine
        ·Print date machine
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      YHtype doublesided assembly line work tops, SUS304 mirror panel manufacturing, 

      the overall shape, frame, highquality SUS304 stainless steel plates are outsourcing,

       rubber conveyor belt nylon for light, transmission using constant speed stepless adjustable, 

      smooth, reliable, low noise, appearance, style novel. Department of Domestic relatively 

      new cosmetic, food, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, packaging and other packaging industry, 

      assembly line with the table.



      Main technical parameters: (Reference )
        conveyor belt width: 200mm
        transmission speed: 2 ~ 10m/min (stepless )
        Table height: 700 ~ 40mm (Adjustable )
        table width: 850mm
        Table Length: Custom

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