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      Products List
        ·Horizontal spiral mi
        ·Reverse osmosis wate
        ·Large vacuum emulsif
        ·Small heating shear
        ·Large heating shear
        ·Type A heating shear
        ·Type B heating shear
        ·Type B tube type emu
        ·Type C heating shear
        ·Type C tube type emu
        ·Small family tube ty
        ·Filling Production L
        ·Semi-automatic singl
        ·Semi-head bottle fil
        ·Semi-automatic greas
        ·Bag filling machine
        ·Print date machine
      Top Sales
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      • Telephone: 020-34132018
      • Fax: 020-34011794
      • Contact Name: Fan Rui
      • Mobile: 13434139712
      • QQ:879721214
      • Website: www.84061578.com
      • E-mail: yuanyangjx@163.com
      Feasibility Analysis Reports
          We are specialized in doing detergents making machines,as we know everyone use all kinds of detergents everyday.It’s absolutely a big market which has  high profit , less investment and core competence! Shampoo and body lotion are used everyday by everyone. Just like we need to wash our face everyday, the clothes, tableware need to wash everyday, too. The liquid detergent is disposable daily necessities. It won’t be saturated. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the sales channels for daily-use products. Producing daily-use products is a stable way to get money! (They are used in hotels, restaurants, leisure centres, factories, laundries, and so on) people will associate shampoo with large factories, such as Rejoice, Head & Shoulders. As a result, most people consider that it needs large factory and substantial investment to open a factory for producing shampoo. Also it makes the project unlikely so that most of people give up their d......
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