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                    Feasibility Analysis Reports

                    The feasibility analysis report of investment in daily chemical market


                    I. Investment in production of washing products----market analysis

                    Everyone uses everyday!

                    There is no shampoo market if nobody wash hairs

                    There is no body wash market if nobody wash bodies

                    There is no wash detergent market if nobody wash dishes

                    Great market

                    Low investment

                    Proven technique

                    High profit

                    Everyone uses shampoo and body lotion everyday. It provdes a huge, unexhausted market resource.

                    Investment cost: equipment+raw materials+other costs, amounting to several thousand yuan only

                    Several national patents, the quality is up to the national standard

                    Shampoo: cost 1 yuan, market price 5 yuan, profit 5 times. Other cleaning products is the same profit.

                    Costing and profit analysis of cleaning supplies


                    Normal shampoo(technology transfer for free) cost 1.6 yuan to 4 yuan each kilogram.

                    Hair Growth Shampoo(technology transfer for free) cost 1.6 yuan to 4 yuan each kilogram.

                    Hair Conditioner(technology transfer for free) cost 0.4 yuan to 4 yuan each kilogram.

                    Natural tea seed dandruff shampoo cost 1.6 yuan each kilogram.(technology transfer for free)

                    Market price: 10 yuan to 80 yuan each kilogram.

                    Suggest price: 6 yuan to 40 yuan each kilogram.

                    Hair softener cost 1 yuan to 3 yuan each kilogram and the market price is 1.6 yuan to 200 yuan each kilogram.

                    Suggest price (5 yuan) – Cost (1 yuan) = Profit (4 yuan)

                    Body lotion:

                    Normal body lotion(technology transfer for free) cost 1.6 yuan to 2.4 yuan each kilogram. 

                    Moisturizing body lotion(technology transfer for free) cost 2 yuan to 4 yuan each kilogram.

                    (For summar) cool body lotion (technology transfer for free) cost 1.6 yuan to 4 yuan each kilogram.

                    BB massage oil(technology transfer for free) cost 12 yuan each kilogram.

                    Market price: 10 yuan to 60 yuan each kilogram.

                    Suggest price: 10 yuan to 40 yuan each kilogram.

                    Suggest price (5 yuan) – Cost (1 yuan ) = Profit (4 yuan)

                    Wash detergent

                    Normal wash detergent(technology transfer for free) cost 0.4 yuan to 0.7 yuan each kilogram.

                    High-grade water detergent(technology transfer for free) cost 0.7 yuan to 1.2 yuan each kilogram.

                    Soybean extract water detergent(technology transfer for free) cost 0.3 yuan each kilogram.

                    Bulk market price: 1.2 yuan to 6 yuan each kilogram

                    Suggst price: 1.2 yuan to 6 yuan each kilogram

                    Suggest price(1.2 yuan) – Bulk cost(0.4 yuan) = profit(0.8 yuan)


                    II. The feasibility analysis of producing washing products

                    Does it need large factory building for producing washing products?

                    Is it cost a lot from making to saling?

                    Economic benefit analysis

                    Technology transfer fee: 0 yuan

                    Equipments cost: 8500 yuan                 Totally: about 10,500 yuan

                    Materials cost: 2000 yuan

                    Daily Output: 600 kg

                    Expect Cost: 3 yuan each kilogram

                    Expect Price: 9 yuan each kilogram         Month Output: 1.8 T

                    Expect Profit for each kilogram: 6 yuan

                    Month Net profit: 1,080,000 yuan

                    (10% as a budget) net profit: 10,800 yuan

                    Common materials    Easy to purchase

                        Materials for shampoo production are most common chamicals, saled by all chemical company and shops in each place. We can offer the address and telepone number of the nearest chemical shops in the contract.

                        There are some materials largely to use. We put the name and the price here so that you can ask for information.

                    1. Deionized water. The consumption in the recipe is 75% to 90% (Our equipment has the water treatment)

                    2. Surfactant. The consumption in the recipe is 10% to 38%, the market price is 9,500 yuan to 10,000 yuan each ton.

                    3. Auxiliary(such as essence). Market price is 80 yuan to 120 yuan each kilogram. The consumption in the recipe is 0.1%.

                    Production Conditions

                    Materials: You can buy in chemical market all around the country.

                    Equipments: There are many kinds of equipments in our company for you to choose. Can produce when connect the power.

                    Constuction area: Just 15 to 30 square meters.

                    Current capital: depends on production scale.

                    Technique and sales: teach many kinds of recipes and offer complete technical information. And guide and consulting for free at a long time. We will offer different  saling plans according to different places during the teaching process.


                    III. Our promise

                    1. Free Training

                         We offer free training of production techniques for washing products at any time. These techniques can be mastered in one or two days and are taught by experienced chemical specialists, who will answer any question raised by trainees carefully and patiently. Trainees will then practice in person without restriction in time or frequency, until they have fully mastered the techniques.

                    Course of liquid training

                    a. Liquid detergent market

                    b. Base formula of liquid detergent

                    c. The effection to products from water and the ways to solve

                    d. Names and distinguished ways of surfactant

                    e. Names and distinguished ways of Auxiliary

                    f. Equipments and recipes introduction

                    g. Wash detergent production

                    h. Costing

                    i. Product saling

                    2. Free provision and free training of newly developed technical formulas

                    3. Equipment repair

                        The equipment is subject to one-year free warranty and lifelong maintenance. The knowledge on equipment repair will be taught on site with the equipment instructions provided. If any problem occurs during the warranty period, you only pay for the charge of parts.

                    4. Agent or assistant in equipments consignment for customer:

                        We have 100 logistic points throughout the country. Users may pay the freight after receiving the equipment, and for foreign users, we can help settle the formalities for customs clearance and export.


                    Your Sales Channels

                    Free technique training to reduce investment risks
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